Geeky Travels & Fandoms (formerly Geekgirltravels) is a blog to record my travels and the lengths I go to for all the geeky interests, fangirling and fandoms I indulge in.

Over the years, I was fortunate enough to travel and participate in several events, activities and conventions relating to my geeky interests: Anime; Manga; Books; Comics; TV & Movies; Games. The internet has also helped to fuel my growing collection of  geeky loots  🙂

Firmly believing that good things have to be shared,  Geeky Travels & Fandoms will also provide some resources and information on where and how to indulge in your geeky interests at the comfort of your own home and while travelling.

Indulging in your geeky interests actually takes alot of hard work, research and planning (especially if you are an overseas fan) so hopefully this little blog will help inspire fellow geeks and friends to embark on their own geeky travels as well.

We all got to start somewhere, right?

 My Geek Profile:

  • An electronic couch potato stuffed with lots of bookworms.
  • Aspiring to be a full-time traveler of worlds.
  • Often referred to as a “Walking Wiki”.
  • Favorite genre: Fantasy – Science-Fiction – Mystery
  • Favorite Fantasy Novel: Dragonlance 
  • Game Consoles played: Nintendo – Sega – Super Famicon – Super Nintendo – Playstation – Playstation 2 – Wii – Playstation 3 – Nintendo 3DS
  • Read and owned over 2000 (and still counting) manga volumes
  • Favorite anime/manga series: PatlaborYoroiden Samurai TroopersYaibaYowamushi PedalToo many to list