Anime Escapades 2017 Japan edition (Preview)

So I embarked on a little impromptu solo trip to Japan in June 2017.

What was initially meant to be a relaxing and leisure trip (sipping tea and people watching in the park… that kind of thing) soon became a whirlwind of anime & manga activities as I went from events to events, exhausted but enjoying every minute of this indulgence. 😊  And yes, I did plan time for sight-seeing (outside of Tokyo) as well and saw some really beautiful scenery and gorgeous flowers, as well as had some fantastic eats but that’s not what this post is about. ^ ^

So what exactly did I do on this trip in terms of fangirling  anime/manga?

Well… have a look! ^ ^

Yu Yu Hakusho x Anime Plaza Café (I went twice!)


Yowamushi Pedal x Namja Town (A trip to Japan ain’t complete without any Yowapedal!)


Boku no Hero Academia x Animate Café (Plus Ultra!)


Ace Attorney x Capcom Café (Objection!)


Detective Conan Limited Time Café (There is only one truth!)


Saiyuki Blast Reload x Chara Pop Up Shop (It’s back!!)


Acca 13 x Chara Pop up Shop (Bread, anyone?)


Yu Yu Hakusho x Chara Pop Up Shop (More shopping!)


Boku no Hero Academia x Namco summer event (Plus Ultra x 2!)


Crane games! All the Crane Games (Ganbatte!)


Anime Cakes and themed desserts (Too cute to eat!)


The usual Anime/Manga shops! (Shopping!!!)


I will be doing a post on each of the activities in the subsequent months so drop by and take a look if you are interested! :p

In the meantime, feel free to check out my instagram for some of the photos of the various activities mentioned here.



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